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What programs do I use

To design, I use the Adobe Suite, specifically Illustrator (logo creation), Photoshop (photo editing) and Indesign (document layout). Other programs I use to assist in social media content creation is Canva.

What is a colour palette

A palette, is a collection of specific colours used for a brand or project. The correct use of colours can form the visual foundation to aid in maintaining consistency and pleasing aesthetics. A good way to check if your colour palette is balanced is to view the shades in grayscale.

What is a mood board

A mood board is a physical or digital collage of images, textures and text arranged to provide a theme and inspiration for a design project. It is a great way for a client to communicate their vision and vibe to the designer.

Where can I get inspiration from

Inspiration can come from many places, such as your surroundings; a favourite painting, a sequent garment, a plant or flower, the beach, a book or magazine. You can also look online via applications such as Pinterest,  Instagram or Behance. Wherever you find it, the key is to create the right balance to express a clear message.

Copyright Vs Trademark

Copyright is the time-sensitive legal ownership of original intellectual property such as books, artwork or music. It commences automatically as soon as the work is created.

A trademark is the legal ownership of an identifiable item e.g. brand, logo or slogan. It needs to go through a process to ensure it is unique in its image and industry. Trademarks do not expire.

Fonts Vs Typeface

A font is a group of characters of a similar design e.g. Helvetica – Regular 10pt. A typeface is the family of fonts e.g. Helvetica Regular, Bold, Italic in all pt sizes. When creating a brand identity a designer will pair together 3 or more Typefaces that are to be used according to the stylesheet or brand guideline. This ensures the brand keeps a professional, consistent look and feel across all branding collateral.

Jpeg Vs PNG

Jpeg (Joint Photographic Experts Group) – In general this file format is great for photographic images with a lot of colours, however can’t retain transparency. 

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) – In general are great for digital images with simple graphics with contrast colours and require transparency e.g. logos, and design elements.

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